Satellite Tracking Lab

Laboratory Profile

The Station is used for tracking experimental satellites within the projects of European Union QB50 and also recieve & process serviceable data in order to use them as base for the projects performed in the lab.

Satellite Web Project (AB 7th Frame Program)

One of the 50 nano satellites that were to be sent to space for the satellite web project within the 7th Frame Program by European Union has been developed here cooperating with Istanbul Technical University and Von Karman Institute.

Both HAVELSAN and Sabancı University have supported this Project as well.

Cube satellite is still continues its mission and has one of its stations based here in Hezarfen Aeronautics and Space Technologies Institute.

Microwave Electrothermal THrust System Project (TUBİTAK 1005, Bogazici University leadership, Major Thesis Study)

Microwave electrothermal thrust system has been both designed and produced within the scope of this project. Experimental and numerical studies have been carried out such as 2-B 2-B axial symmetrical electromagnetic modeling. Furthermore, performance parameters of the system such as thrust, specific impulse and productivity have been worked out and specifics like electron heat, density and heavy particle temperatures have been calculated.

Satellite Cluster Project

Objective is to develop a satellite systems to be assistance in an operation, using small scale satellites (<50kg) in lower orbit (~200 km) . Ministry of Defense is provided a pre-agreeable report together with Istanbul Technical University.


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