Parallel Programming Laboratory

Laboratory Profile

Parallel Programming Laboratory incorporates multi-core processor hardware with various designs such as an embedded communication server and group server framewroks.

Central multi-core processors and graphic processors are programable for general purpose of usage and also are customizable in various ways in order to meet the demands of ongoing projects carried out in the labs, acting as an infrastructure of super computers.

Several simulation studies are supported in the labs, especially real time calculation algorithms.

Design and Development of a Collision Counteracting and Physical Obstacle Evasion System Based on Programming for General Purpose of Usage of Graphics Processors for A Cooperative Group of Unmanned aerial Vehicles (TUBITAK 1001)

The main purpose of this study is to counteract and eliminate the possibility of collision of two or more autonome Unmanned Aerial Vehicles within a narrow space so that they can maintain their formation flights in real time autonome route.

All kinds of sub-problems regarding the flight of an autonome high speed and aggressive vehicle have been studied under each scope, providing a whole system solution.

OFDM Base Algorithm Calculations with Graphics Processors Based on Optical Communication Systems (International R&D project, Bahcesehir University Led)

The main objective of the optical and wireless communication systems are to reach 10 Gbps and higher speeds of data transfer. OFDM modulation carries the data with various different parallel sub-carriers which is different compared to serial transmission of symbols. This helps provide a higher broad brand width. Two different NVIDIA graphics processor units (GPU) have been developed with this approach and design. In order to reach the highest performance avilable, numerous alterations have been performed and an optimal graphics performance have been reached for general usage purposes. General Purpose Graphics Processor Units (GPGPU) have been enabled with FFT based calculations which achieved in 24 Gbps in real time.


İHASim - Multiple UAV Operations Simulation Environment Development Project


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