Hezarfen Aeronautics and Space Technologies Institute (ASTIN), founded in 2001, is an Institute whose mission and authority are defined within the legislations. ASTIN offers graduate education, scientific research and applications on various major fields of study.

Graduate programs in major fields such as Aeronautical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering programs has opened in 2001 within the Institute. The number of major fields has been raised to five with the opening of Space Technologies Department in the semester of 2003-2004. The initiation of doctorate education has begun in the 2nd semester of 2004 Academic Year. The personnel of Turkish Air Force, Turkish Land Force, Turkish Naval Force, Gendarmerie General Command are able to attend post graduate studies and doctorates in our Institute as well as civilians and other students with a degree.

National Defense University (NDU) has been found with the Delegated Legislation Number 669 «Regarding Constitution Of National Defense University And Changes In Some Enactments Within The Scope Of Taking Precautions In The State Of Emergency» dated July 25, 2016. Hezarfen Aeronautics and Space Technologies Institute has been a part of National Defense University Rectorship since then.


  • To provide students from Turkish Armed Forces and civil students with graduate education in major scientific fields or certificate programs,
  • To achieve scientific studies, research, implementations and publications within the needs of Turkish Armed Forces,
  • To consult the students who wish to study post graduate both from NDU and other universities in accordance with the fields for the better of Turkish Armed Forces,
  • To perform Distant Training Services.
  • Vision

    Our Vision is to educate innovative academic personnel with an enterprising spirited professionalism. Aiming to give superior qualifications for both national and international standards, we are striving for our academic potential to contribute scientific and technologic developments parallel to social demands and becoming a pioneer on their respective fields of studies.


  • National Defense University Legislation Of Election & Promotion Of Academic Personnel
  • National Defense University Institutional Legislation
  • National Defense University Graduate Studies Legislation
  • National Defense University Graduate Surveying and Evaluation Legislation
  • Turkish Armed Forces Graduate Education Legislation